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بدکارکردی جنسی کهن سالی

Sexual activity in aged persons is often dangerous to their health (F)

Sexuality is typically a lifelong need (T)

The sex urge typically increases with age in males over 65 (F)

There is a decrease in frequency of sexual activity with older age in males (T)

Prescription drugs may alter a person's sex drive (T)

Sexual behavior in older people (65+) increases the risk of heart attack (F)

Most older females are sexually unresponsive (F)

The firmness of erection in aged males is often less that that of younger persons (T)

There is evidence that sexual activity in older persons has beneficial physical effects on the participants (T)

There is a greater decrease in male sexuality with age than there is in female sexuality (T)

Fear of the inability to perform sexually may bring about an inability to perform sexually in older males (T)

There is an inevitable loss of sexual satisfaction in post-menopausal women (F)

In the absence of severe physical disability males and females may maintain sexual interest and activity well into their 80s and 90s (T)

Older Adults & Sexuality QuizTrue or False

Sexuality is an integral part of the personhood of every human being in all societies.

Sexuality should be recognized as a positive aspect of life

Rights of Older Adults